What is Beard Oil

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Beard oil is a mixture of oils that increases the quality and healthiness of your beard. Beard oils are made up of oils given to us from mother nature, castor oil and various other organic oils. Not only is beard oil good for your facial hair but it is also good for the skin under your beard. We also can’t forget that beard oils will keep your facial hair smelling good too.

A lot of men don’t believe that you should put oils in your beard. That my friends is not true. You should take care of your beard like you take care of the hair on your head.

Reason why you should use beard oil.

Lets be honest no one wants a dry flaky beard. Beard oils keep your facial hair soft, moisturized, and looking well groomed.

You want your beard to look shinny and well maintained. Beard oils with the right mixtures will help with everything from shine to strong and healthy. Your beard needs protein and vitamins to keep it that way.

The best time to apply beard oil.

The best time to use your beard oil is right after washing your face. When you wash your face it takes away all the oils that are in your beard. The pores on your face are also open and will absorb the oils and help your skin along with your beard to stay healthy.

How much beard oil to use for your beard.

The amount you use varies on your beard. Someone with a short beard won’t need to use as much as someone with a longer beard. You could use any where from a few drop, a dime size or up to a nickle size.

How to apply beard oil.

Beard oil is simple to apply. You apply the amount that is right for your beard to the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and then rub thoroughly into your beard. Take a look at this guy.


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