Why do so many choose the Braun Series 7 799cc?

braun series 7 shavers

Braun, thanks to their great desire to be the number one in the world in various fields, changed the concept of shaving. They designed  Braun 799cc 7 Series  as the Braun’s best product in price-quality-technology terms .

If you read reviews you will see how many men are happy to have chosen Braun Series 7 799cc. This razor is definitely the most appreciated in the world, it is famous for its power but also because Braun has solved many problems that have occurred in previous models.


  • – Wet & Dry
  • – Long autonomy
  • – Excellent quality
  • – Automatic Cleaning System
  • – Perfect for any kind of beard
  • – Travel bag and cleaning cartridge included
  • – ActiveLift & OptiFoil & Face Contour System
  • – LED display with indicator: charging, battery, cleaning


  • – Cleaning cartridges should be replaced if the self-cleaning function is often used


Why Braun Series 7?braun 799cc-7 wet & dry series 7 electric razor with cleaning station

First of all it is equipped with OptiFoil technology designed to shave even the most hidden hairs without sacrificing comfort.

OptiFoil technology precisely cuts the hair with every movement so you do not have to pass the same area several times. Apart from that it also uses Pulsonic technology that creates 10,000 micro vibrations per minute and this makes shaving even faster.

The Braun shavers Series 7 are convenient to use in a truly exceptional. If you want comfort, innovation and the best performance then you should choose a Braun Series 7 razor.

These models also include a very convenient charger base with a self cleaning mechanism, which means that you can leave the machine in there when not in use and it will automatically get charged and cleaned.

The 7 Series shavers are suitable for all skin types, but not just all types of beard, thanks to its powerful engine, it also manages to cut the toughest beard without causing skin irritation.

The Braun Series 7 shavers also manage to shave difficult areas like the neck in a very effective way. While most common or low quality shavers, they can not catch hairs in problem areas like the neck.

General Features Braun Series 7
Pulsonic Intelligent
Shaving Mode
3 modes
Cutting System
3 actions
Cutting Elements
Wet &
Only in the 799cc model
Battery indicator
Precision Finisher
Charging Time
1 hour
Battery Autonomy
50 minutes
Quick Reload
Yes (5 minutes)
2 years


braun 799cc-7 wet & dry series 7Braun Series 7 799cc Features

Wet & Dry

This electric razor is also usable in the shower since it is also designed for wet shaving. You can also use shaving foam or pre-shaving without risking damage to the razor.

Braun 799cc Charging Systems have 2 charging systems – normal and fast. Normal charging in just under an hour recharges the razor completely. The fully charged razor has an autonomy of about 50 minutes while fast charging the razor in just a few minutes ensures a shave.

If the battery is charged, you can use the product without the power cord.

Personalized Modes We all have different types of skin and hair that is why we need a shaver suitable for our needs but it is difficult to find a “All in One” shaver suitable for all skin types and hair … Braun Series 7 799cc technology Pulsonic has thought of everything! And now it offers three different shaving modes. You can choose between Extra Sensitive, Normal, or Intense for optimum performance. 

braun 799cc-7 dry and wet

tailing head Low-level razors are difficult to adapt to all areas of the skin, especially the neck. The Braun Series 7 799cc thanks to its flexible head fits easily and raises everything in every area without any problems. You will hardly have to go back twice in the same area.

Cleaning and Charging
Cleaning the razor after each shaving is very important not to reduce the razor’s efficiency, but sometimes we forget it and others do not have enough time, or is it wrong? Braun Series 7 has an automatic cleaning system! The system will clean, dry and charge the battery with a simple button! This will prolong the life of blades and razor in general.

Automatic cleansing is based on alcohol that kills 99% of bacteria but what makes it special is that it does not smell alcohol but lemon. Braun Series 7 can also be cleaned manually.
If you prefer a razor without a self-cleaning system and battery charger, you can choose Braun Series 7 720S to save even more.

Our Experience

This machine is one of the few that can cut very short hair (like a 2-day beard) and also has the ActiveLift system that raising the hair makes shaving faster and more precise.

The automatic cleaning is excellent however however I recommend when you can give a quick clean manual with the toothbrush (which is compressed in the kit).

Bearing in mind that automatic cleaning cartridges should be replaced once finished, it would be a good idea to clean the razor manually

The Braun 799cc is one of our favorite electric razors, however we still believe that its brother the Braun Series 7-790cc is the best Series 7 model as we clearly describe in this post.


If you’re not convinced with Braun then check out our review of the best electric shavers on the market. You’re sure to find a brand or model that fits your requirements.

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