WOWAX Hair Clippers Professional Kit Review

WOWAX Hair Clippers Professional Kit Review

There are countless options when it comes to grooming kits. They differ in several areas, including performance, design, noise level, and usages. With that said, finding the right clippers can make giving yourself a haircut much easier, or it can mean adding a new set to your existing collection if you are a professional barber.

To help you out, we have decided to take a close look at a quality set of hair clippers to determine whether or not it is indeed a good buy.

WOWAX Hair Clippers for Men Professional Kit

This kit from WOWAX is multi-purpose. Sure, it can certainly give you or another person a great hair cut, but it can also be used to trim other unwanted body and facial hair. With that being said, any of its features put it in a category all on its own.

You’ll also be thrilled to know that these clippers can also be used on the go, so you’ll never have to venture anywhere without looking like you’ve got a clean, fresh cut.

Who Is This Product For?

This professional hair clipper can truly be used on just about anyone and is marketed as such. It is a great addition to any professional’s tool collection, especially since it can be used either corded or cordless.

In addition, these clippers can also be used as a personal kit, cutting men and kids hair alike. In fact, you can feel safe using this even for a baby’s haircut, given its very quiet operation and gentle blade.

As mentioned, this kit isn’t just for haircuts, either. It can be used for grooming from head to toe. You can use it on facial hair as well as easily trimming nose and ear hairs. It is, indeed, the ultimate tool for manscaping.

What’s Included?

When you purchase this trimmer, you also receive one charging adapter, one cleaning brush, one charging dock, and four combs. You will get all the accessories needed to perform a great haircut.

Overview of the Features

  • Convenient and Safe to Use

These clippers give you the option to run it cordless or corded. They use ceramic and titanium blades that are sharp and strong, won’t rust, and will not cause any irritation to skin. This is one of the features that make them a great option for cutting the hair of young children and babies. You don’t have to worry about causing any harm to their scalp or very sensitive skin.

You can precisely cut with one of the five lengths available, ranging from 0.8 mm to 2.0 mm. There are three variable speeds of 50 RPM, 58RPM,  and 65 RPM too. The LCD display on these clippers will let you know your rotating speed and battery percentage. It will also display your charge indicator and oil indicator.

  • Easy Charging

The charging can be done directly using the power cord, and you can still use the clippers when the electricity is used up. You simply plug in the power cord. Aside from that, you have another option, which is to charge the clippers using a desktop charger. If you select this option, you obviously can’t use the hair clipper simultaneously.

  • Long Battery Life

The battery life on these clippers is long lasting; you’ll get up to four hours of continuous use out of three hours of charging time. When the battery reaches 15%, you’ll see a flashing light that reminds you to recharge it. There will also be an alarm that sounds every time you lose five more percentage points of charge.

  • Good Warranty Deal

There is a 12-month free replacement warranty with this kit, so you can feel comfortable purchasing without much of a risk. If you do find that you have any issues, not only are you protected through the warranty, but the customer service offered by WOWAX is very helpful and is available for questions and feedback alike.


These clippers are very easy to use and really can be used on just about any type of hair. They function in much the same way as many other standard grooming kits. With that said, you do want to be mindful of disassembling the blade. Doing so requires you to pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Here’s how you can safely remove the blade:

Step 1: Hold the blade with your thumb.

Step 2: Push down very hard with your thumb.

Step 3: Aim at the card slot.

Step 4: Locate the exact point of the card slot.

Step 5: Press very forcefully to remove.

You want to pay close attention to these instructions since working with the blade can be a bit dangerous, and you don’t want to cut yourself inadvertently. Exercising care and patience is recommended.

The only real drawback to this hair trimmer is that it is not fully washable. You need to keep it away from water. Some other trimmers will be fully washable, which just means that they are much easier to keep clean and maintain. Instead, you’ll need to use the included cleaning brush after every use.

Using a razor full of previously trimmed hair can cause it to become ineffective or dull much earlier than usual. In addition, it can cause uneven cutting, resulting in a less-than-perfect haircut or trim. Hence, make sure to clean your device regularly.


Since the clippers from WOWAX aren’t fully washable, it is only fitting that you want to find an alternative option. For that, we took a look at the Braun Hair Clipper HC5090. With this clipper, you can simply run the entire tool right under the water.

The Braun clippers offer 17 length settings and have two smart trimming attachments, so they work with virtually every single hair length. These clippers are also quite powerful and have very sharp blades for precision cuts.

In addition, the system will remember the last setting you used and save it for your next use. The Braun option does make use of LED light, but it only lets you know if the clippers are charging or if they are fully charged. The display on the WOWAX offers much more information for ease of use.


The WOWAX hair clippers are a great addition to any professional barber’s collection, but they are also a great choice for you if you just want to be able to cut your own hair at home. They’re also a great tool for any sort of personal grooming, starting from your head all the way down to your toes.

You can even use them to cut your kid’s or baby’s hair, as they are gentle enough for both. These are powerful yet quiet and come with several length options, making them work for truly any hairstyle and length.

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